Intelligent Data


Our experience has helped us build a proprietary and successful implementation informed decision making model­ ASDTA.
  • Identifying and identifying the right area of concern

  • Collection of Data

  • Analysis of Data in near real time

  • Interpretation of and presentation of data in an easy to understand format

  • Facilitating rapid decision making

  • Post confirmation of contract, a qualified team plans out a detailed course of action, with timelines and defined objectives to be accomplished. Care is taken to ensure minimal disruption of business operations.
  • An appropriate model of UAV and payload is chosen and systemic surveys/flights done, keeping in mind the terrain, weather, operating environments and complexity of data sought.
  • After the data has been collected, collation and interpretation is done securely at our centra I facility with the help of state-of-a rt analytical software. Solutions specific to need of client is then generated for O&M, planning or compliance purposes.
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