Our Process

AltBird Service Delivery Process

On confirmation of contract, a detailed reconnaissance is carried out by team members of AltBird who assess and decide on the best courses of action to carry out the UAS service. After necessary preparation and in close coordination with client, UAS flights are undertaken on site. Meticulous safety and execution processes are ensured for a safe sortie/(s). After the data has been collected, collation and interpretation is done securely at our central facility with the help of state-of-the-art analytics software. Solutions specific to the need of the client are then generated for O&M, planning or compliance purposes. Data Solutions and/or Reports are shared with the client in secure format and backups stored on a dedicated and highly secure cloud server facility. Feedback and additional data/ requirements are always entertained on priority. AltBird is committed to provide its clients with accurate and workable “operational” intelligence.


AltBird robotics operates a state of the art Data Processing Center at DLF Cyber City , Bhubaneshwar . The center operates 24*7 and is taskes wiht the back-end telementry and visual data capture for all our operational drones wherever they may be in the country . The team comprises of highly specialized engineers and geoinformatic scientists . Data is subsequently analyzed and eports submitted to clients either in real time or within 24 hours .

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