A nation’s progress is powered by its energy resources and generation capability. Whether it is thermal, solar or wind power, drones find applications ranging from supply chain monitoring at coalfields to assessing the health of boilers in thermal power plants, or even inspecting surface cracks on the blades of a wind turbine. The applications are more impactful than traditional surveillance and pilferage detection that is done on power grids and transmission lines. AltBird offers dedicated engagements for the industry in the following areas.

Mining Sector

Mining conglomerates have the responsibility for providing our mineral and energy dependence while being answerable to production targets, ecological stakeholders and the state. Balancing between growth and restoration are two equally daunting challenges for any mine owner.

Increased Speed, Reduced Costs

As above, using our drones for mining surveying saves time and energy, increasing survey speeds and, ultimately, boosting productivity. Cutting down on travel time, drones can scan an area much more quickly (and therefore cost-effectively) than more traditional mapping methods. And, by removing the human element insofar as the actual survey goes, drones offer a fast, effective service, free of human needs.
In addition, the low staff numbers needed to operate a drone survey leave human resources free to attend to other, perhaps more pressing, tasks.

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