Industrial Applications

Over the past decade UAVs are the biggest enablers across diverse industrial and plant-based tasks. In some fields, the use of drones has eliminated the need to have high-risk work done by manual labour. A good example would be the chemical tanking industry where earlier a silo inspection for leaks and faulty sensors was a minimum 5-day operation per tank, but now thanks to UV and thermal imaging systems, it can be done within a few hours. Our abilities in this space include sophisticated imaging cameras, with high tilt and luff angles, mapped with smart software to ensure 100% area coverage.
Our experience bandwidth across cement, chemicals, fertilizer and allied industries include:
  • Flue gas and precipitator chemical samplings
  • Kiln and stack chimney intenal examinations( structural)
  • Similar studies for boilers , plant and machinery lines , conveyors etc.
  • Plant surveillance
  • UV thermodynamic analysis
  • Rust and corrosion inspection of silos and storage tanks ( internal and external )
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