Oil & Gas

Drones have become an essential tool for the smooth and continuous operations of the oil and gas industry. Today UAV generated actionable intelligence in the areas of pipeline maintenance, rust inspection of valves and pipes, pilferage tracking is also finding increasing applications in the offshore rig industry, in stable weather conditions. Our services bundle in this industry includes.
  • Pipeline monitoring and leakage alerting system
  • Oil tankl / silo insoection (internal and external)
  • Offshore rig survillance
  • Offshore rig hull and pylon inspections
  • Right of way mapping for pipeline laying
  • Infrastructure Sector

    • Internal Inspections of factories very difficult/time consuming
    • Deterioration of indoor integrity of Industrial structures
    • Boilers/heat chambers inspections requires cessation of plant activity
    • Rapid deterioration of high-pressure structures without warning–


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