Security Search & Rescue

UAVs are being used as first responders to emergencies given their critical event monitoring capabilities. Whether it is crowd control at a major rock show, perimeter protection for a nuclear plant or even 50 meters offshore surveillance by lifeguards at a beach, they are increasingly becoming a “must have” option.

Our aerial service bundle includes –

  • Aerial surveillance of high profile residences and intrastructure
  • Primary threat perception analysis at airport , refineries , techparks , ports etc .
  • Beach surveillance for lifguards
  • Offshore vessel interception and remote egress into suspect vessels
  • Cave and underground mine rescue operations
  • Detecting
    Automated thermal and visual inspection of lease boundaries for encroachment, equipment for performance, and work sites for safety compliance ensure our services protect mine operators from fines and minimize shutdowns.
    AltBird Service Delivery Process
    • On confirmation of contract, a detailed reconnaissance is carried out by team members of AltBird who assess and decide on the best courses of action to carry out the UAS service. After necessary preparation and in close coordination with client, UAS flights are undertaken on site. Meticulous safety and execution processes are ensured for a safe sortie/(s).
    • After the data has been collected, collation and interpretation is done securely at our central facility with the help of state-of-art analytical software. Solutions specific to need of client is then generated for O&M, Planning or Compliance purposes.
    • Data Solutions and/or Reports are shared with the client in secure format and backups stored on a dedicated and highly secure cloud server facility.
    • Feedback and additional data/ requirements are always entertained on priority.

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